Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Multiple Domains

Since becoming a full time (ish) mortgage consultant and the death of my brother. I have really let the web hosting / design business slip. So many domains that customers let lapse have been kept running on my server and I have been paying the bills on them.

This was just a drain on my resources. However, I have a plan to put things right. Firstly Im going to take all the domains off of automatic renewal.

Secondly Im going to either mirror my main site - or add additional content to each domain - in an effort to improve my overal performance in google.

I have been reading about googles search algorythms and it seems that links on front pages of top level domains can do wonders for your rating.

I have around 7 unused domains I will keep you posted as to how they improve my ranking.

However, nothing is going to improve my ranking at the moment - as google just hasnt crawled my site in months. Ok fair enough I didn't update it for two years - but hopefully now that I have added a huge amount of new content - it should pick it up. I am also going to go through and add alt tags to all of my images - and meta data to all pages. Hopefully this too will improve my ranking.

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