Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to get Bitcoins for Free!

You may have heard about the new online currency that is taking the world by storm. To get started you don't actually have to put any money in. You can earn fractions of bitcoins for performing online tasks.

At the current market value you will not be making a fortune - but you have to take into account that the bitcoin price probably has a long way to go up. Today I have earned roughly one dollar however if the bitcoin price increases 500 fold again like it has in the last two years - it could prove to be a very prudent decision.

Want to get involved in bitcoins?

Set up your bitcoin wallet here for free:

Go here to earn some free bitcoins: Bitvisitor

Earn Bitcoins from watching videos here: * I have found this one by far to be the best earner.

Earn bitcoins by completing tasks here BitCoinGet

Another Bitcoin Faucet:

Earn Bitcoins for completing tasks BitcoinGet

A free lottery - you seem to win a prize the first few times - then it seems to dry up FreeBitCoinLottery

Free bitcoins every hour - and the chance to multiply your free coins through gambling

Get 100 to 500 satoshis per minute for calling a landline (great if you have unlimited minutes) CoinByCall


A simple game where you get a 25% profit but have a 25% chance of losing your stake money CoinController

If you have any links that you would like added to this list please comment below.


Mad Tony said...

I worked for 1 hour and managed to generate around £0.18. It's more cost effective to go to work for an hour and spend your wages on bitcoins.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I now have my wallet set up!

Tony Oliver said...

It still takes forever.... no money to be made here.

Blogger said...

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Blogger said...

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Blogger said...

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