Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pixmania and my passport

It seems that once again I am writing in my blog about some sort of online transaction gone wrong. This time it is with Pixmania. Yesterday I placed an order for two computers for my office - using their 24 hour next day delivery service (as long as you order before 1pm). Again I found them using google product search.

The next day as I sat in anticipation of my new machines iminent arrival I grew increasingly inpatient. After re-reading my order confirmation I noticed that they required a passport and utility bill from myself before processing the order.I phoned up as surely this was not the case - I have never had to provide my passport details to an online retailer before. The less than helpful lady on the end of the phone explained that they were a french based company and worked a little differently. I decided to cancel.

After being on hold for around 10 minutes the lady got back to me and explained that my computer had already been dispatched. "Oh" I said, "So you don't need my passport then?" I then thought, Where is my computer if it has been dispatched then? The lady said it could take upto 48 hours from dispatch to get to me. But I paid for 24 hour delivery and now I am being made to wait an additional 48 hours. I then asked what is my shipping number - I will call UPS and find out where my machine is. They could not provide me with this - and said I could keep checking their website to see when the information was available.

I will not be dealing with Pixmania again.