Thursday, February 28, 2008

Knock and Don't Run

Neg Dupree

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Neg Dupree

Neg is a comedian from London most famous for his Urban Sports on Channel 4's Balls of Steel. I have recently been asked to redesign the The idea is to replace the current static home page with animated flash ..... add a forum, a Neg Urban Sports flash game - or two. WE wil improve all the social networking sites and expand his site to include his own you tube channel and blog. - is his youtube channel. Everybody including the Queen has one of these. Neg has some unseen material we intend to put up here - and dependent upon its success there may be more. You can also find all the best bits from Balls of Steel there. Neg will also be issuing youtube challenges as soon as he has some spare time to film them. It is our aim to get Neg involved in the youtube partners program - any suggestions from existing UK members would be welcome. - here is his facebook fan page. Because everybody is on facebook. Except my friend Matt - but its ok no one misses him. Its only 1 day old - but already we have 23 members - yesterday there was only 1. This represents an astounding 2200% daily growth rate - if this rate of growth continues we expect to be friends with every member of facebook by early next week. - here is his myspace. Neg without my help has already grown his fan base to 1500 myspace members. We hope to develop this further - and intend to redesign the graphics to be more in keeping with the Urban Sports theme. - Neg's blogs on myspace creased me up - especially his recounts of being stalked by Bobby Davro. We have decided to develop this theme further - keep an eye out here for more from Neg.

Suggestions are welcome whilst we work on it. Have we missed anything? A working site should be up and running prior to the broadcast of Balls of Steel Series 3 in March.

Whilst Neg and myself are quite happy to develop all these wonderful sites for his loving fans, we are at the same time constrained by the financial worries of every day life. The parts of the sites that will develop and prosper will be the ones that we can earn an income from. Google ads have always been a good source of income - and we are hopeful that acceptance into the youtube partners program will mean we are able to produce exclusive web content. An overhaul of the merchandice section of the site - and ringtones will help us develop more website content. If anybody has any suggestions we would love to hear from you.