Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dub be good to me - guitar chords. SOS band also,.

Tank fly boss walk jam nitty gritty You're listening to the boy from the big bad city

This is jam hot This is jam hot

(Em7)Friends tell me I am crazy (Bm7)That I'm wasting time with (Am7)you You'll (Bm7)never be (Em7)mine(Bm7)

(Em7)That's not the way I see it (Bm7)Coz I feel you're glad, you're (Am7)mine When(Bm7)ever you're (Em7)with me(Bm7)

(Em7)People always talk about repu(Bm7)tation I don't (Am7)care about your other (Bm7)girls ..Just be good to (Em7)me(Bm7) Just be good to (Em7)me

(Em7)Friends are always telling me you're a (Bm7)user I don't (Am7)care what you do to (Bm7)them..Just be good to (Em7)me(Bm7) Just be good to (Em7)me..Red

(Em7)Love is a game of chances (Bm7)So I'll take my chance with (Am7)you

And you I won't try to (Em7)change(Bm7) (Em7)We talk about it and (Bm7)I'd

Rather have a piece of (Am7)you (Bm7)Than out of (Em7)nothing(Bm7)

Just be good to (Em7)me.. in the morning

Just be good to (Bm7)me in the afternoon or (Am7)evening

(Bm7)Yeah just be good to (Em7)me(Bm7)

I'm not the (Em7)jealous kind I won't tie you down When you (Bm7)need me

I'll be around I'll be (Am7)good to you You'll be good to me

We could (Em7)be together, (Bm7)be together