Sunday, December 30, 2007

Robin Hood - the death of Maid Marian

I just watched the series 2 finale of Robin Hood on BBC1 and have to say I'm really disappointed.

Leaving aside the unusually poor scripting. How could they kill of Marian? I've never seen a version of Robin Hood where this happens. It's an absolute mess - and if by some miracle she does come back - its going to make the whole story even more ridiculous. What good is a Robin Hood without a Marian?
They have said that there will be a series 3 I can only assume for some reason actress Lucy Griffiths didn't want to continue with the project. I must be honest she was the main reason I tuned in.
Does anyone know if Lucy is part of series 3? Maybe appearing as a ghost or being brought back to life by some mysterious eastern magic? It happened before.
Djaq and Will don't return from the holy land either instead starting a new life together there. It's going to be a strange series 3.


Anonymous said...

It was terrible to kill Marian!!! Robin Hood won't be the same without her. They will have to do something amazing to make series 3 good.

Kali said...

I know. I KNOW!

God that was a dumb finale.... Two whole episodes of OOCness...

Anonymous said...

I heard Lucy wanted to leave a minth or two before broadcasting as she wanted to pursue film parts (whether this is true I don't know). Maybe as lucy was so popular playing the role they thought that it would be easier to kill her then to get a different actress. But now the whole dynamic is going to change, because Robin and Marian is always an undelying theme.

Kraken17 said...

Kill Marian... now that was unexpected

(But if I remember correctly in the 80s series Robin of Sherwood the dead one was Robin himself, being replaced lately)

Anonymous said...

Well, Lucy Griffits did sign for the third season of Robin Hood so she's suppose to be in it.

My guess is that she's probably going to appear in Robin or Guy's dreams or something.

Layla said...

yes i totally agree with you. Robin hood was my favorite tv show and when Marian died i was devastated!!! it would be a miracle if she came back to life or something in the 3rd series!!

Anonymous said...

my friend and i have the whole thing worked out. see, robin couldnt bear to burie her properly, so they just put stones over her, and dlaq goes to the graves and sees that she is breathing, takes her home, cures her, she, will and, ofcourse, marian retourn to nottingham.

Phil Coates said...

There is no Friar Tuck in this version. However there is an Islamic girl, Djak, nicely played by Anjeli Jay. There is a lot of PC dialog about the Crusades which warps the original backdrop of the legend of Robin Hood and Richard the Lionheart.

Alana-Dale turns traitor and informant for most of the season. Will Scarlett elopes with Djak to live in Palestine. Maid Marion seems easily and frequently won over by Guy of Gisburn's smarmy charms. Finally Maid Marion dies in Palestine.

Incidentally why Little John can lift a 500 lb stone boulder to release his comrades yet can make no impression on a couple of saplings buried in sand is inexplicable.

I do think that when the BBC use a legend such as King Arthur and the Round Table, Dick Whittington or Robin Hood they should keep the traditional framework while using their creative ingenuity in their scripts.

The last pair of these Robin Hood episodes were too cheesy for words and by the time the third set of marriage vows were whispered I was bored to death. The death of Marion was very ill conceived and the script seemed totally lost as it wound down to a none-finale.

Anonymous said...

I haven't actually seen the season finale of season 2, however, upon doing my research I have come to discover that not only did Maid Marian not appear in the legends of Robin Hood until around 1426 when the early modern May Day festivities began taking place. However, before Maid Marian there was a ballad called "Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor, and Marriage" where his sweetheart is a woman known as Clorinda, the Queen of the Shepherdesses.

It would be interesting if the writers did their research on the old ballads instead of just following the Merry Adventures of Robin and brought Clorinda into it.

That's about it for my 2 cents, however I will say that during Series 1 I would have loved it if Marian died. She irritated the hell out of me. However, during Series 2 she did grow on me...I am interested now to see how she dies.

Serena said...

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