Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Olympus 790 SW Scuba diving

The front of my Olympus 790sw says that it is waterproof to 3 metres. Today I took it to 12 metres whilst scuba diving and it was still functional.

Check out the photos at

I suspected that it could in fact go much further than they said and they were choosing a very conservative depth as the maximum. I futher reasoned that it would not implode but the buttons would just end up constantly depressed rendering the camera unusable. As it turns out the camera was fine. The screen discoloured whilst at the deepest parts giving the viewfinder a kind of maroon tint to all the photos. However, when I returned to the surface the camera returned to normal. One problem I found was that the directional pad did become completely depressed and that made changing the cameras mode impossible - it was now simply a point and click device which suited me.

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