Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Julian Assange is arrested in London

Julian Assange has been arrested in London relating to allegations of sexual misconduct in Sweden. Depending on which websites you read you get different stories. Some sites accuse him of rape and others suggest that the charges are purely political and that he is merely accused of "Sex by Surprise" where the sex was consensual but unprotected.

Julian Assange the face of Wikileaks has come under increasing attack since releasing highly sensitive documents which have embarrassed political institutions and leaders the world over. These documents have outraged individuals on both sides with some people branding Mr Assange a terrorist and others expressing their anger at the classified documents leaked from the United States.

Having had a look on facebook I am unable to find any groups with a negative feelings toward Assange and hundreds of groups expressing their admiration for his cause.

I would be interested to know what my blog visitors think of Mr Assange and Wikileaks - you can complete my poll on the right hand side of this post.

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Tony Oliver said...

And look how that unfolded.