Thursday, July 12, 2012

Facebook and Nyan Cat Censorship

I have eagerly awaited the return of the Nyan Cat - and was very happy today ro realise that the nyan cat had indeed returned.

For those of you who know not what I talk of here is the nyan cat in it's full glory.

I have had to setup this proxy server to circumvent facebook restrictions that attempt to stop the non stop nyan cat from nyaning. To further explain myself - please try and type into faeebook - you will be prevented from doing so.

The nyan cat is a legitimate form of art. I have written to facebook and have yet to receive a response. As a temporary measure - please use my nyan proxy to post on your facebook wall.

Or dont - I dont really care.



Nick Burchall said...

Thanks for helping to save the Nyan! Nyan Cat for life! Nyan Nyan Nyan!

Tony Oliver said...

nyan nyan nyan