Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Free Bitcoin Giveaway website hack update

After dealing with the aftermath of the wordpress site hack that redirected the website to a random youtube video about e-book readers, which took three hours. I was finally satisfied that I had changed all the passwords, ensured that the site was completely up to date and went about the business of re-installing the plugins.

After re-installing the plugins I found that the bitcoin site had once again redirected to the random youtube page.

I was very concerned that this was possible as my wordpress was completely up to date and all files were fresh - whoever was doing this to us somehow had managed to once again compromise my website. The database appeared untouched - and my backend still worked completely - I was able to log in and view all my pages and posts as an Admin account.

I decided to go about the task of individually disabling plug-ins and discovered that when I disabled "Easy Google Analytics Dashboard plugin" things returned to normal.

This plug in is obviously compromised and I recommend that you do not use it if you want a safe and secure site.

If you would like to see the site fully restored to its former glory, here it is: Free Bitcoin Giveaway


Tony Oliver said...

I remember that day!

Blogger said...

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