Sunday, December 22, 2013

Where can you get free Dogecoins?

Dogecoins are the new craze sweeping the internet. Essentially Dogecoins are the amalgamation of the bitcoin crypto currency and the Doge internet meme.

What started off as a joke has actually managed to achieve some real world value. Dogecoins are currently trading at over $0.04 each. Google searches for the term Dogecoin have actually exceeded searches for the term lite coin (Bitcoins little brother.) Whilst in the long term Dogecoin is unlikely to have any value beyond comedy. You may want to get in on the action and get yourself some dogcoins.
You can do so with relative ease - by first setting up a DogeWallet and then earning yourself some free Dogecoins using a website such as this one . Payouts are almost instant and the list is constantly updated. 

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Tony Oliver said...

Is this info still current?