Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thankyou Lucy Pinder

For as long as I can remember I've always liked large breasted brunette women. In my teens I adored Kelly Brook. How dare they sack her from the big breakfast for being too dumb!
Anyway, After some moaning from my girlfriend of the time I finally took down my 6 foot Kelly Brook Poster from my bedroom wall. The world felt a little bit emptier for it - I had won a concession whereby I could still keep my Kelly calender as I'd written all my important dates in. When I heard she was engaged to Jason Statham (what a dickhead!) I decided it was time to move on. The calender went in the bin and I forgot several peoples birthdays.

Lucy Pinder first came to my attention several years ago. I believe I was walking past a newspaper stand when a front page photo of her and Michelle Marsh in the Daily Star. They are both gorgeous women but Lucy particularly caught my eye. I bought several copies of the daily star over the coming months in the hope of one day catching a glance of her nipples. That's what women normally do on page 3 isn't it?

From this day I made a special effort to purchase copies of FHM, Maxim, Front, Nuts etc .... in an effort to get my eyes on those elusive nipples. Her breast was 99% exposed just the nipples remained hidden - but somehow that lead me to purchase more and more magazines. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months - magazine piles turned into bookshelves full of nipples mags containing Lucy articles - and still no nipples in sight. Eventually disappointed I went off travelling. When I returned I found that finally Lucy had exposed all. Happy days.

When I saw them - I thought : They're grrrrrrrreat! In fact they looked just how I imagined they would. However, I haven't bought another magazine with Lucy Pinder in since. It must have just been the mystery of the unknown. Oh well.....

If you want a good look - go to Google turn off safesearch and do this search:

Thanks Lucy!

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