Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where is my pagerank?

Ive been working on the website now for around 3 months. Under my management the traffic has grown from 50 visitors per day to over 1000. The growth in traffic has come from a redesign of the myspace page and the creation of a facebook fan page. Every day these two sites provide us with over 80% of our traffic.

I've made an effort to build reciprocal links from pages with pagerank but the page still has a pagerank of 0.

I would love to be getting more traffic from google. We are currently page two for the most common results. I am told that to get to page 1 I need a higher pagerank.

I measure my pagerank using the firefox browser. You can download it here.

It is my understanding that google actually updates its pagerank more frequently - I have seen us move a little up the search engine rankings.

But no one actually knows when the published information will become available.

Has anyones pagerank changed recently? Does anyone know when the last update was?

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