Monday, September 11, 2006

Adsense for Blogger Beta has disappeared

I just noticed that when I upgraded my template after signing up to the new blogger beta service that it dropped adsense from my dashboard options. I have had to manually re-insert the code for adsense back into my page. It was annoying to have to do but was a task which was made significantly easier by the new template interface.

I just highlighted the insert page element - chose 3rd party HTML and copy and paste the code from the adsense code generator from the main adsense site.

I still find this a bit of an irritation. I accept that it is now more customisable - but its not as quick and simple to use. It almost seems like a step backwards - a strange thing to see from google.

I wonder if it happened because when I moved to the beta i associated my account with my gmail and adsense account - whereas I had been using another log in for

Has anyone else had trouble with adsense on the new blogger beta? I couldn't find this problem listed in the known issues section - and the beta help instructions says I should have an extra tab on my template page - but it just isnt there. Any thoughts anyone?

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