Monday, September 04, 2006

The Death of Steve Irwin

Like many people around the world this monday morning I awoke to the sad news that Steve Irwin (44), world famous Crocodile Hunter and conservationist is dead.

Apparently he died in a freak accident involving a sting ray. He was stung in the chest after swimming with the fish - and was pronouced dead on arrival at hospital.

He was filming underwater in Australia with a Stingray when he was stung. It is vary rare that these fish actually kill people although their barb does contain a venom and the barb is sharp like a bayonet. If this punctured any of his major organs he would have stood little chance. Some conspiracy theorists have already come forward and said it doesn't add up - people just don't die in these circumstances. Stingrays are sometimes called the "pussycats of the sea" because of their gentle non aggressive nature. The largest ones can grow up to 13ft long and their tail is often twice the length of their body. I feel if anyone was going to push the limits of just how close you can get to these animals it would be Steve - and occassionally these things do happen.

I was a huge fan of Irwin. What you saw was what you got with him. A man with an unrivalled passion for nature - and a seemingly reckless streak - that got him in trouble with various animals and the law on more than one occassion.

Steve has a wife, Terri and two children.

The Prime Minister of Autrallia has led tributes to the naturalist. I personally will miss him he has always been a great source of entertainment and put Australia back on the map for a lot of people who had long forgotten about it since Crocodile Dundee hung up his boots. Lets hope that they can find some fitting tribute Steve - any suggestions anyone.

I personally would like to think that wherever he has gone - he is probably in the same place as the Dodo and a wonderful range of other creatures who have had the dubious pleasure of becoming extinct. Probably annoying the hell out of them.

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