Friday, September 01, 2006

The power of blog

I never considered when i first published my blog about exiteit that it could reflect on someone negatively. The company treated me badly and I felt the world should know. From the posts I received it seems that my rant was justified. However, one person made the point that that satisfied customers rarely rave on the net about their purchases. I suppose that is also true.

Will my blog be here in iternity? Will this always reflect badly upon them. Maybe so. Do they take down dead peoples blogs? It's not nice to have a black mark against your name permenantly. Hopefully it will fade into significance when they stop behaving badly.

Its made me realise this blog is only a little bit about me and a whole lot more about who responds to it - and will impact on other people if I mention them on here. As long as Im honest I don't see this really being a problem.


Anonymous said...

For your information the company has been evicted from their premises by their landlord. We went to visit them to discuss a refund and the office was locked up with a notice on the door stating that Excite have forfeited their lease and can no longer enter the premises. I was also very surprised to see how small their office was, I expected a larger company. Well I have lost £249 and wasted half a day driving to Leicestershire. I think my next trip will be to Mr Grahams home address of 39 Valley Walk, Kettering. Northants. NN16 0LU. The lesson here is read reviews on the web (and adhere to them) before buying from a company, as I say they looked alot bigger from their website and in reality their whole premises was about the size of a small house.

Anonymous said...

Check this link out for more information and for the real address of Mr Paul Graham.