Thursday, August 31, 2006

Myspace Fakes - and verified celebrities

After a few days of looking around for my friends on myspace - most of whom I must say are not present (maybe they have something better to do with their time than online social networking) I came accross an account with Mr T listed as one of the friends, how amazingly cool - someone is friends with Mr T.

I instantly wanted to add Mr T - but after looking at his profile I soon became aware he wasnt the realy Mr T. Grrrr! This intrigued me though. How many fake celebrity profiles are there on there? After a quick search I soon found many Mr T's and quite a few Kelly Brooks (I had quite a thing for her in my teenage years). Obviously most celeb profiles are fakes. It still looks good to have these people listed as friends - but I feel a little let down that they are not the real deal. Some people have gone to a great deal of effort to make these profiles look authentic - and Im sure these people get a lot of pleasure out of posing as their favorite celebrities. But surely there must be a way of authenticating these accounts? To make sure the info you get is accurate. I know you can join their official fan club - but wouldn't it be nice to have all fan clubs in one place.

Well now there is. Click Here for a verified celebs list. Unfortunatley the only person I knew who was on the list was Gary Bucey - a man I once heard described as an actor whose face had the intensity to make babies cry. I have added him as a friend.

My unverified celeb friends include - Lucy Pinder (what great boobs), Borat (although Im sure he's the real deal) and Bill Hicks - who has been dead for quite a while now - so I doubt its him. Although I wouldnt put it past him.

Are you a faker? what experiences have you had? Is it against the T & C - does anyone care?

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