Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Website Progress

I have had adverts on my site for one week now. From a range of advertisers - including google adsense, commission junction and adagency1.com. Tonight I passed the $25 mark. I find it annoying that google doesn't show my earnings in my local currency and im concerned who determines the exchange rate when it comes to depositing funds in my account. Does anyone have the answers to these questions?

The funny section that i created has attracted a lot of visitors after I hounded all my friends to forward a link to all their friends. I sent different links to different people. For example, an email with a link to a page with a car joke on it - for my motor enthusiast friends. Or a page with a pair a kitten on for the girls. Some of the emails must have been forwarded as a have had over 600 impressions each day since then. Im glad they are doing the rounds and hope they grow in popularity. We will see.

I have signed up to a range of online directories. Submitted a few comments to forums and groups linking to the site. Only where i felt it was relevant. I.e. linking to the david hasselhoff soap dispense on a fan site. No one has replied yet. I realised it may not be appropriate to post to forums indiscriminantly after receiving a spam warning on my first attempt.

Google hasn't crawled my site in nearly 4 months. My attempts to upload a sitemap have thusfar failed. I will keep you posted if I find an effective online tool. This frustrates me as Im sure this would be a great source of traffic for my site.

Im hoping to still be accepted for a few casino affiliate programs as i hope to expand the gaming section of my website to include lots more about online gambling. Not only an interest of mine - but certainly where the money seems to be in online advertising.

I checked 7search.com for their top rating affilate words - as google wont tell you what theirs are - but you can bet they are similar. It turns out they are all gambling related, pornography related - or diet drug related. Well I know very little about diet drugs (phentamine - was the top paying). Suprised I didnt see viagra up their anywhere really. Anywho I digress. I know little of diet drugs and don't really wish to lower the tone of my site with lots of porn. That can be for another site! So I have decided to focus on gambling in one section.

I was reminded by one of my friends that although that its a highly contested area - and i might get good returns for something a little more niche. I'll have a think about content. Maybe ill start a blog about my two bearded dragons or aquariums - there are already lots of pictures on my site .


Garry said...

I just successfully uploaded an XML site map. Using the following site:

Its really easy to do to!.


Woo hoo! Hopefully now google will start indexing my site!

Blogger said...

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