Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Website

In addition to running this blog I have recently added adense to my website - and wow! It actually seems to work. Im not allowed to discuss the specific amounts that I have earned - apparently that is against the google terms and conditions - but it is more than paying for all my hosting costs.

I have never attempted to promote my site - it is just a mishmash of things that I like on the internet - or have been emailed.

The Address is:

I am always open to suggestions on how to develop the site - if there are parts that people like. Why not visit and have a look for yourself.

I just wish I knew a bit more about the people who were visiting the site.

If you have come from there - please leave me a comment. The furthest away I have had an email from is the south of Spain. Can anyone beat this - I live in London, England.

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