Thursday, August 10, 2006

Canon Digital Ixus 55

After a recent flood that destroyed most of my personal electrical equipment. The insurance company provided me with brand new digital camera. I was so excited as I opened the box to find my Ixus55 in there.

The picture quality was amasing - you can check out some photos i took in my photo gallery: (only the photos from july 06 are on the new camera)

Ive had the camera two weeks - and having the camera set to maximum resolution and Superfine quality I soon filled up the 1Gb memory card that I had bought.

I could not fault the video mode - (with sound) ... nor the plethora of little filters and effects. The Battery life is excellent - there is little point getting a digital camera without a rechargable battery.

However, I awoke one morning to take photos and found that my camera can no longer take photos during daylight. They come out fuzzy - I have reset all settings to default. At night - when the flash is on - things are much better - but the overall quality of the photo has dropped dramatically - I find this particularly odd as I the viewfinder displays with perfect clarity. I line up the perfect shot and snap! out comes a out of focus over exposed excuse of a picture.

I am not a happy bunny.

My old Canon Ixus broke twice in three years although the second time was water damage. Has anyone else found canon products fragile? does anyone know of a more durable alternative?

Im currently in the second day of waiting for a phone call back from my insurer. I will keep you posted.

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Garry said...

Hey Powerplay - the company that replaced my camera when it broke is replacing it again and will refund postage!

Granted it took them five days to get back to me - but there was a weekend in the way.

Hopefully soon I'll have a brand new camera again.