Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Microsoft IE7 Vs Firefox

I run both the firefox and microsoft internet explorer browsers on my machine. Im running the IE7 beta on my machine. The tabbed browsing is a great feature thats been available on firefox for a while now. Its good to see that microsoft is catching up in that respect.

For everyday web browsing I find that firefox is great. It gets rid of all those annoying pop ups.

However, when it comes to my place of work firefox is completely unusable. Most of our business to business applications rely on proprietary microsoft technology. ActiveX controls and whatnots.

You can download firefox from here if you are interested. Its quick and easy to install - and does offer a better browsing experience. It also uninstalls very easily and doesnt fill your machine up with advertising - or push you to try their other products - something which microsoft is often guilty of.

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