Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Australian Bearded Dragons.

I have had two australian bearded dragons since early this year. Rasputin and Chardonnay. I don't know how exactly how old they are - but when I bought them they were around 7 inches (18cm) long.

Since then they have both grown a lot raz is 14 inches now! - Chardonnay about 12 - in fact they have become a little fat. Raz has grown quicker than Chardonnay - and does seem to eat the lions share of the food - as they currently occupy the same vivarium.

It is my plan to create a much larger vivarium sometime next year which they can both live in.

I have some more photos on my website http://mastersofcreation.com/photos - and also of my aquariums.

When I bought them I knew very little about lizards. But was immediatley fascinated by the way they watched intently at anything that moved. They also love bobbing their heads - and sometimes when they fight over food they puff out their beards.

I find it very hard to tell if they are happy or sad as they show little emotion - but think that if they are sitting still they are probably quite happy where they are. It is possible to mesmerize my lizards by stroking them correctly.

I feed them a mix of crickets locusts and chopped fruits - oh and also the occassional moth who is stupid enough to be attracted towards the tank lighting.

Does anyone know how long they live for? - or what size I can expect them to get to?

Is it likely that they will mate? what are the signs that this will happen?

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Garry said...

Today, Chardonnay has started eating her own skin. The skin she has already shed of course. There are crickets in the tank and some fresh apple - is this normal?