Thursday, August 10, 2006

XDA Exec 3G

This march I upgraded from the XDA IIi to the XDA 3G exec. As i am on the O2 max tarriff, the upgrade was free - and bundled along came double minutes and texts for the first 6 months.

First I'll detail whats better about the Exec.

1. It has a full qwerty keyboard
2. It can close to protect the screen from scratching.
3. Its 3G
4. You can charge it from a pc - using just a mini USB cable....

Sounds much better doesnt it. However, when its in your pocket, and you have it closed - it is almost impossible to answer the phone in time. If dont want to know who is on the other end before you answer - then yes it is - but it takes far too much time to open - twist its lovely screen round and wait for the menu to load up with the caller id - and the answer the phone button.

Also note that if you recieve this phone as an upgrade from O2 - as I did - that they didnt send me a 3G sim - just a regular GSM sim - I was walking around using for 3 months without being able to video call - or get other 3G services - although I have never actually received a video call.

I couldn't even tell the difference speedwise between the two models - and I feel the battery life was actually slightly better on my old one. I only really wanted it for the outlook integration - and I think next time I may go for an SPV model. And maybe someone with 24 hour customer support. Any suggestions?

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