Friday, October 13, 2006

Im no longer in Googles Search Index

I've noticed that my traffic has decreased on this site from a stream of about 30 to 40 hits per day to nothing. I am no longer having people contact me who have had unhappy experiences with such as I and my adsense earnings are virtually nil.

Was it the low quality and fragmented content of my blog that had caused this? Had Excite IT started offering a decent service and no one felt the need to complain? Both scenarios seemed unlikely so I started doing some investigating.

My first port of call was where the majority of my traffic came from. It took me only a few minutes to find out that my blog appears to have been removed from the index? So what appears to be the cause. I have written to google and will publish their response as soon as I get one, but until then the only way I can try and get an idea of what has happened is through third party websites.

They state that you can get banned from google or your ranking penalised for linking to "bad neighbourhoods." This means link farms - and other pages specifically designed to artificially enhance your search engine ranking. Well, I haven't done that the few links that are on here seem to all be legitimate to me.

I can however, only find two links to my site when I search google - I think this lack of links may well be the problem, I know I have a few more links than that - for example there is one on my main domain Hopefully in time, google will pick up on these extra links and re-include my site. In the meantime - Im going to try and place some more links on the net - mainly on forums about not being included in google, I don't condone spamming.

Finally Im also told that if my site was down when the google spider tried to crawl it then that may have caused my removal from the index. I find it unlikely however, that google could not index its own blogger site. I am on the beta version however, I wonder if this makes a difference. Has anyone had similar problems? Can anyone see a problem with this site and give me a better explanation as to why I'm no longer included? If so I'd like to hear from you.

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G said...

Ooh, Im back in the search results. Its only my main page but hopefully with time more pages will appear. It would appear that if you write to google requesting reinclusion they do do something about it.