Sunday, October 15, 2006

My new yellow tang needs a name!

My Lionfish, Aslan and my new yellow tang have set aside their differences and are now happily co-existing. My new fish needs a name - and I'd like to hear your suggestions.

Actually Aslan still seems to be sulking about the new addition to the tank and hasnt lifted himself from the bottom corner of the tank. However, the new tang has got over its fear and actually seems curious about Aslan swimming over and through his spines. I know that Lionfish are poisonous - I t would seem that the new tang is not bothered at all about that - the guys in the pet shop said that it should be fine too. Apparently Alsan will only eat fish that will fit in his mouth in one go. I don't have any of them - but I have noticed a new starfish in the tank - its very thin and about 10cm in diameter. I didn't buy him - he must have hitched a ride on the living rock I purchased not too long ago - the only other thing Ive seen in the tank is a strange wormy centipede type thing that is about 2cm long. I am yet to identify what he is though. Does anybody know?

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