Sunday, August 08, 2010

Advertising your business on Gumtree

Four days ago I tried to re list my ebay local ad - an advert that had generated business for me in the past and was free. However, ebay have since changed the rules and do not allow this type of classified listing - they kindly referred me to

I paid gumtree £5.88 to feature an advert about mt new computer repair service that I am offering in Chingford and the surrounding areas. Thus far it has generated no new business for me unlike my google advertising campaign which has produced instant results.

I have however, been contacted by several people looking for jobs. This got me thinking back to when I tried to advertise my house for sale using gum tree. I got no genuine responses just estate agents trying to sell me things.

However, my friend who is a dog trainer gets a good response to his advert. I suppose there are some areas of business that lend themselves well to the gumtree website - and others that don't.

The search for new customers continues - somewhere other than gumtree - or am I just doing it all wrong. Any suggestions are welcome.

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