Sunday, August 08, 2010

Interesting Information about my blog at Google Webmaster Central

A good few years ago The BBC produced a series called Robin Hood. It was fun entertaining and best of all Maid Marion was hot. I decided to let the world know and blogged about it and her.

Sadly Lucy left the show after series two and with her departure I lost interest. I stopped watching it - I stopped blogging about it. But my old posts remained up on my blog.

Now I have decided to breathe new life into my web design business - I figured it was a good idea to resurrect the blog in some capacity. Even if was just to build a few links.

As I got more involved with the various services there are out there for tracking the progress of the blog I saw that I had received over 13,000 hits. What could these relate to? Using Google Webmaster Tools I checked into what search terms by blog was coming up under and was surprised to see that the vast majority of these searches related to Robin Hood. I was surprised that I was a front page result for over 40 search terms.

Query Avg. position
robin hood marian dies 1
robin hood lucy griffiths 1
lucy griffiths fake 1
lucy griffiths fakes 1
robin hood 2010 marion 1.7
lucy griffiths robin hood 1.9
robin hood i marion 2
robin hood and marian 3
robin hood serie 3 3
anjel jay 3
robin hood 2010 marian 3
robin hood marian 3.6
robin hood series 3 3.6
robin hood series finale 4
marian robin hood 4
robin hood marian and robin 4
marion robin hood 4
marian robin hood bbc 4.5
robin hood 3 serie 5
robin hood bbc series 3 5
lucy griffits 5.4
neg dupree urban sports 6
will e djaq 6
death of robin hood 6
robin hood bbc djaq 6
robin hood season 3 6
robin hood djaq 6.2
will and djaq 7
bbc robin hood series 3 7
robin hood 3 stagione 7
djaq and will 7
djaq robin hood 7.5
robin hood uk series 8
robin hood and maid marion 8
djaq 8.2
bbc robin hood season 3 8.3
lucy pinder maid 9
plc explained 10
chess telephone 10
sports t-shirt 10
robin hood series 2 10

Not bad really. It has generated enough advertising revenue for me to have a beer and a curry and maybe have a little change left over. I never watched series 3 of robin hood as it lacked Lucy  - but maybe I will give it a try and have a little blog about it.

What I do find strange is the fact that whenever I search for any of these terms - my site doesn't seem to be coming up. Does anyone out there know why?

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