Sunday, August 08, 2010

Stella and Me

A few weeks ago a little dog called Stella came to live with me whilst we found her a new home. During those two weeks I have become very fond of this little dog and its going to be sad to see her go.

Once the excitement of having a new puppy around had started to wear off I became increasingly aware that a little puppy is a big responsibility. She chews everything if I leave her alone - so the first change that I made was having her come to work with me every day. As I don't drive this was made more difficult by the fact that a lot of taxi drivers don't want to take her. I was even refused entry onto a bus as I had the small pup. Combine that with the constant cleaning up of dog poo/wee.

I took Stella to help out a friend but always knew that at some point we would find a new home for her and she would be leaving me. As it happens that day is tomorrow and I am surprised at the strength of feeling I have for her and how little I want her to go. For the last two weeks she has come everywhere with me. She sleeps in my room, comes to work with me and then we spend the evenings together generally trying to combine a good walk with a dog friendly pub so that I can have a beer or two - as Friday and Saturday nights at the pub have stopped since I got her.

Anyway, the story has a happy ending for Stella who is going to a new home with loving owners and a garden. I'd like to think the story has a happy ending for me too. Although I have lost the company of one great little dog, Stella has warmed my heart and made me feel a lot more positive about the world and the creatures and people in it. I had managed to convince myself that the world was a cold and horrible place where everyone was out to get you. My time with this little dog has shown me different.

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