Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Facebook removed my fan page and is blocking links to my site.

Shortly after having the wonderful idea of setting up http://www.freefacebookcredits.co.uk I decided to set up a Facebook fan page to promote this website (which I consider to be a local business).

I first encountered problems with the name. The fact that the fan page name included the word "Facebook". I decided to get around this by calling the group Free FB Credits.

Within 2 hours I had 15 fans. It was at this stage that Facebook deleted my fan page - and warned me about violating their terms and conditions. I can see no easy way to appeal this or anyway to reverse the decision. Still this is not the end of the world - I was aware that it was a little bit cheeky.

I asked my friend Tony to post a link to the site on his Facebook page. Remember, this is just a simple link and in my opinion you should be able to post whatever you like on your own wall.

However, the link stopped working immediately and Facebook stated that it had been reported as being abusive. I fail to see how a blog relating to obtaining free Facebook credits is abusive.

Sometimes I am very much in love with Facebook and other times the whole site just pisses me off. Lets hope that the diaspora project pulls its finger out and builds a suitable alternative. As lets face it Google Buzz is just naff, Bebo is for kids and Myspace, well, I'd rather eat razorblades than put money in Rupert Murdochs pockets.

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Mad Tony said...

I suspect that in the future facebook will become a disneyfied social network. With other networks having different rules and restrictions. Allowing pornography and gambling etc.....

Facebook tends to shy away from anything too controversial (or that effects their image).

I wouldn't take it personally.