Friday, August 20, 2010

Raul Midon - Keep On Hoping (With Jason Mraz) - Youtube Video & Guitar Chords

Raúl Midón (born March 14, 1966) is singer-songwriter and guitarist from New Mexico in the States. Now he is based in New York City. He combines his distinct voice, strumming, beats, and vocal mouth trumpet sounds to create a fantastic one-man performance. His unique style has influences of virtually every musical genre which came before him, including jazz, blues, R&B, and folk.

I first came accross him whilst listening to Jazon Mraz and a duet he did with Raul and was immediately impressed by the quality of the guitar playing and his unique voice.

Guitar Chords


Do you know what it’s like to wonder?...

F Bb Am7 Gm7



Im gonna keep on hoping...

F Bb


Did you ever wish you could get away?

Dm7 ? Gm7





Did you ever wish you could get away,
Even for a day,
Where they don’t know your name?

Dm7 (?) G#ma7 Gm7


Did I ever think I could find someone
Who would be the one to love?

Verse & Chorus

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Mad Tony said...

Raul Midon is great he did a great song called Suddenly - it's probably my favorite.